Man Utd – Champions League winner 1999

Where are you now, Champions League winners of 1999?

Starting 11 and 2 substitutes only.

Manchester United Football Club

Peter Schmeicel (GK) – quits Man Utd after the Champions League win. Now, we can see him hosting Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel.

Gary Neville (RB) – still hanging around Old Trafford. Already in twilight of his career. The speed is not there any more.

Ronny Johnsen (CB) – left Man Utd in 2002. Supposedly retired from pro-football in 2007. No idea where he is right now.

Jaap Stam (CB) – sold to Lazio in 2001. Retired from pro-football in 2007. Now working as a Man Utd scout for South America.

Denis Irwin (LB) –  left Man Utd in 2002 to join Wolves, and retired in 2004. Now he is currently working as  a presenter for MUTV at Old Trafford.

Ryan Giggs (RM) – still plying his trade at Old Trafford. Won PFA Player of The Year in 2009. Still the most decorated football player in history of  English Football. He’s also taking up the UEFA A coaching license.

David Beckam (CM) – left Man Utd in 2003 for Real Madrid. Currently signed on to play for LA Galaxy in the most expensive football contract ever. Still is the highest paid football player in the world.

Nicky Butt (CM) – left Man Utd in 2004. He is currently playing his football in Hong Kong for South China.

Jesper Blomqvist (LM) – left Man Utd in 2001 after two seasons out with knee injury. Currently playing football in Sweden for Hammarby.

Andy Cole (CF) –  left Man Utd in 2001 for Balckburn. Retired from pro-football in 2008. Currently working as coach at Huddersfield Town, and back in Old Trafford to finish his coaching credentials.

Dwight Yorke (CF) – left Man Utd for Blackburn in 2002.  Retired from pro-football in 2009. Currently pursuing Level B coaching credentials.

Teddy Sheringham (sub) – left Man Utd in 2001 to return to Tottenham. Retired from pro-football in 2008. Currently a world poker player.

Ole Gunnar Solksjaer (sub) – retired from pro-football in 2007. Currently, he is the  manager for Molde FK while working as Reserve Team manager for Man Utd (until Jan 2011).

I got most of the news from the Internet. I hope most of them are current. Enjoy Man Utd fans.

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Not another public holidays in Bolehland

oh my guli!

Not another public holidays! How many this year already? 18 days in 2010. Is that a record or what?  I haven’t checked the facts yet, but how many developed countries have that many public holidays in a year? I can hear “loud cheers” around the neighbourhood when news of this seeped through. I just shake my head in disbelief.

Here, we have our government wanting to “carry” our country into a high income nation, and yet we have so many public holidays. Did he not know that public holidays are a financial burden to private businesses, especially the SME?

Yeah, it might be a populist decision to make by a politician, but as the head of government of Malaysia, it is very unwise. Many workers might not understand it. They just want to enjoy the extra day off.

For business owners, having to deal with public holidays are costly. One has to pay double wage to employees to work on that day (manufacturing, retail and food businesses don’t close on public holidays). In order to cope with the extra costs, the business owners have to find means to pass the costs, either to the workers (in the form of less pay increment/bonus) or to the consumers (in the form of higher prices or reduced quality).

Factories don’t close shop just because it is a public holiday. Those machines run 24/7/365. Higher costs will impact our price competitiveness in the export markets, as other developing countries with cheaper operating costs have a financial advantage over “public holidays happy”-Malaysia.

So what if we have won a regional football tournament? As a Malaysian, I am proud, and it is one thing that bind us together regardless of race, religion or class. Celebrate it. Enjoy it. Buy more Malaysian football jerseys. Display our national flags. Play futsal. But there is no need to call for a public holiday.

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Has Captain Marvel gone bonkers?

Yeah, that was the headline. The Thais want him out. And I am not the least surprised at all.

I still remember fondly, Robbo leading the not-so-great Man Utd to multiple FA Cup wins in the Eighties. I also remember the countless times he bailed England out of sticky situations, and also the numerous time he was out injured (swollen tongue?) He did win his first league title with Man Utd eventually (of course the Eighties were dominated by Liverpool, Everton and Arsenal, mainly Liverpool).

But he made a poor choice at career change after retirement, into football management. Where did he get himself into? Middlesborough seriously? After West Brom, Sheffield Utd and Bradford City, I was relieved that he went back to Man Utd to do non-managerial stuffs. ESPN pundits appearance were quite okay, but why did he take up the Thai job? And why in the world did Thailand even consider him?

I am disappointed, and I hope he will realise that he ain’t cut out to be a football manager (please also include Keanu). But memory of him winning the FA Cup in 1985 with Man Utd was the highlight of my Captain Marvel. That was the time I started to support Manchester United.

Robbo: My Autobiography

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I’ve just noticed since this morning, that the trending topic on twitter in Indonesia  has been: “#MalaysiaCheatLaser”, “HATE MALAYSIA”, “USE LASER” and “Support Garuda”. I even got some replies with the comments like “FUCK MALAYSIA”, “Fuck Banget” and “Malaysia Tai!”. I have no idea what a couple of those words mean. Even gizmodo website ran a post about this laser thing: Malaysia Defeats Indonesia Thanks to Laser-Shooting Soccer Fans.

Of course I am talking about the massive reaction from Indonesian’s twitter communities to what they deemed to be undeserved victory for Malaysia’s football team over theirs in the AFF Suzuki Cup final 1st leg played at Bukit Jalil Stadium on Boxing Day. 3-0 was a massive results to achieve, especially our national team have had unspectacular football results since the mid nineteen eighties (does it coincide with Sultan of Pahang being the president of FAM?).

Let’s see where Malaysia ranks among their rivals in AFF Suzuki Cup 2010.  Based on November 2010 rankings, Malaysia is 150 in the world. OK, the rest are: Thailand (114), Indonesia (135), Laos (171), Vietnam (139), Singapore (138). Only Timor Leste, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos and Philippines rank lower than Malaysia.

And let’s check the history of this tournament. Thailand won it 3 times, so did Singapore 3 times. the defending champion is Vietnam (who fell to Malaysia in the semis). So, who would possibly fathom Malaysia can even get out of the group stage?

So, in this respect, the Malaysia football team has been OVER-performing in this tournament, at least until before last night’s match. Did I mention Indonesia trashed Malaysia 5-1 in the group stage in Jakarta? It is beyond my wildest imagination that our football team could outplay the “mighty” Indonesia last night and stuff them by 3 goals?

I was there at the stadium to witness the capitulation of Team Garuda’s defence under the “huge and talented attacking prowess” of our young Harimau’s, and of course the intimidating crowds of Bukit Jalil – fireworks, firecrackers, raining water bottles, laser pointers (yes, it was there) and the sheer loud noise generated by the supporters. So, I don’t think it was just the laser that won us the match last night, as claimed by the Indonesian supporters. It was a combination or concoction of all the above, especially the defensive mistakes committed by one Indonesia defender repeatedly down on their left flank. Against Vietnam, it was their keeper who was quite generous.

So, my advice to the Indonesian supporters is that you have no choice but bring all your intimidation, fireworks and lasers (if you want), and support your low-morale team Garuda in Jakarta. If your team can replicate another 5-1 victory over Rajagopal’s charges, then I can congratulate you on winning your first ever AFF Suzuki Cup. We don’t deserve to win it if we can’t defend a 3-0 lead. Otherwise, you might see a parked red FRU truck with water cannon between our goalpost, and you can see no way past our gawang. I would like to remind you that we have only conceded 1 goal since we last met in Jakarta.

The return leg will be played on Wednesday, 29 Dec 2010 at Jakarta.

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AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 final

Oh, yes. malaysia is in the final. But i can’t make the final. Have unexpected work to attend to on sunday night. I am pretty upset about it. But that’s life.

If you are planning catch the match at bukit jalil, tickets are priced at RM30 and RM50 each. Counters will sell tickets on Thursday.

I wish Malaysia best of luck. If you are going, don’t wear read. Wear blue or yellow. But i won’t be watching from the telly.

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