Public Holidays, Holidays

Gong Xi Fa Cai 2011

I would like to extend my gratitude to my readers and wish them


and happy holidays.

We say goodbye to the Year of Tiger

and welcome the Year of Rabbit

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1/1/11: Happy New Year!

The new year is upon us. Less than 24 hours to go. Seas of human will gather at multi places to countdown. What's that all about?

2010 has been quite significant to me – for all the wrong reason. I suffered my worst physical illness ever. Bulging disc, chiropractic care and RM8,000+ poorer.

And is there anything to look forward to?

1/1/11 brings a new year. An inauspicious beginning. Coffeeshop all over the country will raise prices by 20sen a cup, and noodles will sell at 20sen a bowl dearer.

For some, that is RM30 per month additional expense per pax. If you include other rising costs, like petrol, sugar, gas and oil, then a household could be at least RM100 poorer a month.

Next year we'll be 1 year nearer to 2012, the year apocalypse supposed to happened. What's that about?! Lol…

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Don't drink and drive. And smoke less.

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Not another public holidays in Bolehland

oh my guli!

Not another public holidays! How many this year already? 18 days in 2010. Is that a record or what?  I haven’t checked the facts yet, but how many developed countries have that many public holidays in a year? I can hear “loud cheers” around the neighbourhood when news of this seeped through. I just shake my head in disbelief.

Here, we have our government wanting to “carry” our country into a high income nation, and yet we have so many public holidays. Did he not know that public holidays are a financial burden to private businesses, especially the SME?

Yeah, it might be a populist decision to make by a politician, but as the head of government of Malaysia, it is very unwise. Many workers might not understand it. They just want to enjoy the extra day off.

For business owners, having to deal with public holidays are costly. One has to pay double wage to employees to work on that day (manufacturing, retail and food businesses don’t close on public holidays). In order to cope with the extra costs, the business owners have to find means to pass the costs, either to the workers (in the form of less pay increment/bonus) or to the consumers (in the form of higher prices or reduced quality).

Factories don’t close shop just because it is a public holiday. Those machines run 24/7/365. Higher costs will impact our price competitiveness in the export markets, as other developing countries with cheaper operating costs have a financial advantage over “public holidays happy”-Malaysia.

So what if we have won a regional football tournament? As a Malaysian, I am proud, and it is one thing that bind us together regardless of race, religion or class. Celebrate it. Enjoy it. Buy more Malaysian football jerseys. Display our national flags. Play futsal. But there is no need to call for a public holiday.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Festive Season Greetings from Boo, Dopey and Girl, and Daddy.

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Winter Solstice

 Glutinous Rice Ball

Rock Sugar Soup with Ginger and Pandan Leaves 
Voila!!! This bowl is for Mie…
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