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The hidden cost behind NGV

Well, after using NGV for almost 4 months, i have this to say to future users. Make sure you do your calculations correct before committing to it. There might be some hidden costs to be included.

You need to include the “after-installation” maintenance costs, such as the regular change of engine oil every 5,000km (installer recommends semi-synthetic at RM128); then the installation of Flashlube which will cost a few hundred plus the regular topping up of Flashlube liquid. The last I calculated, those two alone cost at least RM100 per month. So much for the savings you gain from conversion (some more with the dwindling pump prices). Oh, not to mention that if you are using the sequential system, you will be burning petrol as well at about 1/2 tank to 1 full tank per month (just to start your car and warm the engine before the NGV kicks in). So, make your calculations properly.

Anyway, I am all for the use of NGV since I have already installed it. But I hear a lot of users in the forum justifying the use of NGV with the excuse of cleaner combustion = cleaner environment (what a load of crap!) I think they use the NGV for the cost savings, and cleaner combustion just a by-product they can use as an excuse. If saving the planet is the motivation, I suggest taking the public transport.

Anyway, in the long-run, using NGV will save you money, even if you drive less than 1,000km per month, provided you have paid off your loan. So far, I am saving about RM0.10 per km (at RM2.00 per liter pump price)

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Look at what I discovered at TCEAS

Today, I sent the car to change the brake pads for the front wheels, and I was kaypoh-ing around the working area of Tan Chong, and I found something interesting:

ELF Competition SM 10W-40 Semi-synthetic (back)

ELF Competition SM 10W-40 Semi-synthetic (front)

This is the standard engine oil for Renault Kangoo used by Tan Chong. And it clearly states that it is “suitable for … CNG … engines”. Well, I think I can go back to TCEAS for all my regular servicing and maintenance. And TCEAS recommends drain interval of 10,000km for ELF engine oil (only 5,000km if using the standard Nissan-approved Castrol engine oil). 80,000km is coming up and I know where I should go already.

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Another Trip to Muar

I will be making yet another trip Muar this season, my third so far. I will be attending a wedding dinner and I can test drive my NGV Kangoo for the 2nd time – also carrying 5 passengers. Hopefully, I can get to eat some more of the famous Muar otak-otak.

Update (8/7/2008):
Well, the full tank went all the way to Muar, and it emptied after 259km (trip meter) on the way back from Muar. I travelled with 4 passengers and at speeds averaging about 100-110km/h on NSE. It proved that with my 100L tank, I can’t make it to JB without refilling at Ayer Keroh. Anyway, it took about 2-1/4 hours to reach Muar town from Sg Besi toll plaza.

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PSS NGV Jambu Jerteh

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Found this article on Personal Money

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