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Sold off my HTC Chacha for RM300 last week. Nice, but already spent all of the money on a biomechanics insoles. Sigh…

Welcome addition to my list of smartphones: Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Jellybeans.

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P1Wimax or Yes4G?

I was intrigued when my father asked me questions about Facebook. he wanted me to help him to setup a Facebook account. well, he needs to have access to internet first, either via the (smart)phone or the PC.

After helping him setup a Gmail account and Facebook account, I was considering getting him the internet access, instead of using the mobile internet, which is very expensive. That got me thinking, since I have disconnected my P1 Wimax last April, I wonder what are my options are to reconnect it using the previous modem.

I twitted to @p1Cares, and the answer I got was quite amusing. P1 Wimax does not accept opening a P1 account without getting a modem from them. It means that I need to sign up a long term contract with P1. This is getting ridiculous!

Then I decided to contact Yes via twitter – @yesCare. This is what i asked them:

@chanjerping: @YesCare it is possible for multiple devices to use a single account to access internet via Yes? Example 2 huddles on 1 account?

@YesCare: @chanjerping Sure, that’s the beauty of our system. Thx. /YS

I think I am going to get another Huddle!!!

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Ten things about Android (#2)


When I decided to reset my HTC Chacha because of problem with Friends Streams, I forgot to back up my stuff on the SD card. I was bracing myself to having lost most my contacts and reinstalling the apps.

After resetting and rebooting, I keyed in my Google account ID and password, and everything was back as it was, well, almost.

All my apps were automatically reinstalled. The settings were maintained. Though I lost all my messages (SMS) and some of my contacts (those not saved to Google), I was quite happy about that most of my stuffs were intact. I don’t have to do manual backup and reinstall of anything, which I had to if I were still using Nokia and Ovi.

Thank you Android. Not going back to Symbian OS and Nokia.

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Ten things about Android


The fact that I can totally switch off all mobile internet connection at the press of a widget button. I don’t have to manually switch off each and every apps’ settings, unlike my Nokia E72 and Symbian S60.

This way, I can cut down on my data usage and charges, and the same time, preserving the battery life.


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Fibre Optic Broadband Comparison (MY vs SG)

Let’s make a comparison of the fiber optic broadband between Singapore and Malaysia.

Malaysia has Unifi. Singapore has Singnet and Starhub (maybe others too).


The top end package for Unifi consumers is VIP20 which costs RM249 per month. It boasts download and upload speed of up to 20Mbps. Then, they have the VIP10 (RM199) and VP5 (RM149). Does these prices include the 6% Service Tax?


Singnet: The top consumer package is the eXcite Home 200 plan that costs S$109.90 per month (RM269), with download and upload speeds of up to 200Mbps and 100Mbps. I cannot find an equivalent package that compare the 20Mbps speed with any SingNet’s because the minimum speed for all plans is 50Mbps and 25Mbps (which is S$64.90 per month).

StarHub: there are so many plans here that it is spinning my head around.The top-of-the-line package is MaxInfinity Platinum Plus at S$158.36 per month (RM387) with speeds of up to 200Mbps (download) and 100Mbps (upload). This package also comes with free mobile broadband (2Mbps). The package that comes close to Unifi’s specs is MaxInfinity Premium Plus at S$81.32 per month (RM199), which offers speeds of up to 50Mbps and 25Mbps.

Don’t you think that the prices of Internet access in Malaysia are very over-priced? It is ridiculous and outrageous!

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