Abby with Deuter Rack Top bag


One of the best bike accessories purchased the past 2.5 years World of Sports is having discounts of 20% on Deuter range.

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Cycle Friday: CycleFriday Bicycle Culture Ride.

I will be attending this simple event in Batu Pahat, in support of Cycling as a mode of transport.  Please support this event if you believe that the future of our cities and towns lies with cycling and walking, to make our place more livable. We should reject more traffic jams due to over population of metal boxes with 4 rubber tyres.

Cycle Friday: CycleFriday Bicycle Culture Ride.

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9/3: Exploring Ampang Tasik Permai, Ampang Waterfront & Pekan Ampang

These days, I feel like doing some solo exploration on my bicycle around my neighbourhood. So today, I went out to check routes around Ampang Tasik Permai, Ampang Waterfront and Pekan Ampang.

I took some pictures of some notable landmarks, though I got lost at Ampang Saujana.


an Indian temple within Ampang Tasik Permai


Many roads on the right leads up very steeply to the hills (Ampang Tasik Permai)


I got lost at Ampang Saujana (notice Ampang Look Out Point on the hill behind the flat)


Friendly residents at Ampang Saujana (I saw 5 of them)

Rode back towards Jalan Bukit Belacan via Jalan Lembah Jaya. I cut across to Ampang Waterfront, where there is a river (Sg Purun, i think, but Google Maps says it is Sg Kelang) along the Jalan Ampang.

Here I found a cycle path along the river behind the Ampang Waterfront buildings for a length of 1.7km.

Waterfront Bike Path

the 1.7km long bike path is divided into 2 stretches by Jalan Kosas Utama


this was taken behind Station Satay building


abandoned bike paths without any proper maintenance


fallen mini bamboo tree and soil depression behind the tree


overhead bridge linking to a forested area (funny?)


short stretch of missing blocks of bricks


this one takes the cake, a block of cement to prevent bicycles to go through (apology for poorly focused shot on my camera phone)


covered bike paths next to underground parking (nice)


end of the bicycle path with raised cement block at Jalan Kosas 2


After the bike paths, I had to stop for refreshment. the small glass of coconut water (RM1.50) at Pekan Ampang.


101-year-old On Pong school (since 1912) at Pekan Ampang


After my refreshment, a stopover at Nine Emperors God Temple


my first visit inside this temple. interior details are amazing. must visit!

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9/2 Putrajaya Ride and 10/2 Hulu Langat Ride

The long Chinese New Year weekends is the only time I have at least 3 days off from work to go for cycling.

First up, on eve of Chinese New Year, I joined Putrajaya Reunion Ride on Saturday morning. Wonderful ride but without shades, especially the long straight between Putra Mosque and PICC. We visited a couple of parks (too many in Putrajaya to remember the names).


Putra Mosque at 7.15am, with clear blue sky


Group photo before the ride off – I am 3rd from the left (image by Fong)


Met a French bike tourer, Alain (image by Fong)


Met some ducks, geese, swans & pelicans at one of Putrajaya parks

On the first day of Chinese New Year, I joined another group for a ride at Hulu Langat to tackle the Genting Peres. This was my 2nd ride up to Genting Peres. We started at Hulu Langat Batu 18 police station at 7.15am, going through Jalan Sg Lui, detoured to Sg Tekala, and then went up Genting Peres.


We made a detour to this Hulu Langat Semenyih Reservoir & Hydroelectric Dam along Jalan Sungai Lalang


The stretch of Jalan Sungai Lalang wiped off by landslides earlier in December


Group photo next to the landslide – I wore a black tee (image by Sin)


My customary sandals, bermuda shorts and 100+ bottle at the back (image by Sin)


Target achieved. Reached Genting Peres for 2nd time (image by Sin)

Details at Endomondo

9/2 Putrajaya Ride (30km)

10/2 Hulu Langat Ride (55km)

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As Easy As Riding A Bike | Well it should be, shouldn’t it?

This is an excellent piece on why separated lanes for bicycles are the only way to encourage non- cyclists and recreational cyclists to make cycling their daily urban transportation of choice. Not the nonsense ‘Share The Road’ campaigns run by our ineffective MNCF.

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