RapidKL Buses

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I will try to compile a list on how to go to the non-Golden Triangle shopping centers around KL/PJ by taking the public transportation. I will provide the “last mile” connection to the said shopping centers (preferably from nearest LRT stations).

If you have new information, please don’t hesitate to let me know, so I can update it. Thanks.

Midvalley Megamall / The Gardens

KTM Komuter: Midvalley station (KB01 – Seremban-Rawang line)

LRT: at Bangsar station (KJ16 – Kelana Jaya line), take rapidKL U84 or rapidKL U85 or rapidKL U87 or the free shuttle bus.

LRT: at Universiti station (KJ19 – Kelana Jaya line), take rapidKL T631

Bangsar / Jalan Telawi / Jalan Maarof

LRT: at Bangsar station (KJ16 – Kelana Jaya line), take rapidKL T634 or rapidKL U87

PJ Jaya One / PJ Live Arts / Jaya 33 / Three Two Square

LRT: at Asia Jaya station (KJ21 – Kelana Jaya line), take rapidKL T628

SSTwo Mall

LRT: at Taman Paramount station (KJ22 – Kelana Jaya line), take rapidKL U85

Sunway Pyramid

KTM Komuter: at Seri Setia station (KD07 – Sentul-Klang line), take rapidKL U67 or rapidKL U63

LRT: at Kelana Jaya station (KJ24 – Kelana Jaya line), take rapidKL U623

Subang Parade / Empire

KTM Komuter: Subang Jaya station (KD09 – Sentul-Klang line)

LRT: at Kelana Jaya station (KJ24 – Kelana Jaya line), take rapidKL U623

First Subang Mall

KTM Komuter: at Seri Setia station (KD07 – Sentul-Klang line), take rapidKL U67

Summit USJ

KTM Komuter: at Seri Setia station (KD07 – Sentul-Klang line), take rapidKL U63

One Utama

LRT: at Kelana Jaya station (KJ24 – Kelana Jaya line), take rapidKL U89 or rapidKL U43 or free ONECard Express bus (for ONECard members only)

Bus: from KL Sentral station, take rapidKL U82

Centrepoint (Bandar Utama)

LRT: at Kelana Jaya station (KJ24 – Kelana Jaya line), take the free ONECard Express bus (for ONECard members only)

IKEA / The Curve / e-Curve

LRT: at Kelana Jaya station (KJ24 – Kelana Jaya line), take rapidKL U89 or  free IKANO shuttle bus

Paradigm Mall

LRT: at Kelana Jaya station (KJ24 – Kelana Jaya line), take rapidKL U623 or rapidKL U43 or the free Paradigm Mall shuttle bus <– latest as at 16 July 2013 (see comment below)

Tropicana City Mall

LRT: at Kelana Jaya station (KJ24 – Kelana Jaya line), take the free Tropicana City Mall shuttle bus

Citta Mall

LRT: at Kelana Jaya station (KJ24 – Kelana Jaya line), take rapidKL U607

Solaris / SohoKL / Plaza Damas / Dutamas / Publika

LRT: at KL Sentral station (KJ15 – Kelana Jaya line), take rapidKL U83 (see comments below)

LRT: at Titiwangsa (ST9 – Ampang line), take rapidKL U618

!!! KL Sentral (ERL Departure): free shuttle bus to Publika (for Sunrise residents and I Am Publikan pass holder) !!!

Desa Sri Hartamas / Mont Kiara

LRT: at Titiwangsa (ST9 – Ampang line), take rapidKL U618

KTM Komuter: at Segambut station (KA05 – Seremban-Rawang line), take rapidKL U7

Viva Home

LRT: at Miharja (AG2 – Ampang Line), walk 100m across Miharja flats and Jalan Loke Yew via pedestrian bridge.

Leisure Mall

LRT: at Bandar Tasik Selatan (PH5 – Ampang line), take rapidKL T405 or rapidKL T408

LRT: at Taman Maluri  (AG3 – Ampang line), take rapidKL U40, rapidKL U46, rapidKL U49 or rapidKL U410

The Mines

LRT: at Chan Sow Lin station (ST1 – Ampang line), take rapidKL U41 or rapidKL U432

South City

KTM Komuter: at Serdang station (KB05 – Seremban-Rawang line), take rapidKL T416 or rapidKL T408

LRT: at Chan Sow Lin station (ST1 – Ampang line), take rapidKL U432

IOI Mall

KTM Komuter: at Midvalley station (KB01 – Seremban-Rawang line), take rapidKL U60rapidKL U69 or rapidKL U70

LRT: at Kelana Jaya station (KJ24 – Kelana Jaya line), take rapidKL U43

Setia Walk Mall

LRT: at Kelana Jaya station (KJ24 – Kelana Jaya line), take rapidKL U43

Wangsa Walk Mall

LRT: at Sri Rampai station (KJ4 – Kelana Jaya line), take rapidKL U25 or walk 200m.

LRT: at Wangsa Maju station (KJ3 – Kelana Jaya line), take rapidKL T301.

KL Festival City

LRT: at Wangsa Maju station (KJ3 – Kelana Jaya line), take rapidKL T301rapidKL T302rapidKL T304rapidKL T305 and rapidKL U34, or free shuttle bus (only for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays).

LRT: at Taman Melati station (KJ2 – Kelana Jaya line), take rapidKL T205, or free shuttle bus (only for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays).

Updated: 28 Sept 2012


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  1. You can also take U83 to Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Country Resort, and National Science Center.

    • @MyRapidKL
      U83 KL Sentral-Kompleks Kerajaan Jln Duta schedule is as follow: 6.45am,8am,9.30am,10.30am,11.30am,4pm,5pm,6.30pm
      U83 Kompleks Kerajaan Jln Duta-KL Sentral scedule is as follow: 7.20am,8.45am,11am,12.30pm,3.30pm,4.30pm,5.45pm & 7.45pm

    • Kumar

      Your suggestions and details are very very helpful. mighty thanks. it would have cost me a bomb by cabs…thanks again! good work…

    • cherry

      Is there a bus or train to go Solaris dutamas? And how to go there by bus or train? Never take that transport before.

    • NOPU


      • sam

        hi, how to go to Kompleks Rakan Muda Bukit Kiara?? help please

  2. tan

    may i know is theree any bus i can take from bandar task selatan station to golden horses?thansk!

  3. yanna

    thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Ling

    Hi, for those going to Mid Valley from PJ side using LRT, can get off at Universiti station and connect with T631 to Mid Valley.

  5. lcl

    Hi, Thanks a lots for the effort. It is really helpful.

  6. Rica

    It is really helpful. Thank you so much for sharing~ 🙂

  7. it goos to pass by your post. It helps the people of how to go to the malls using the public transportation.
    I have a comment my freind on mid valley. You can use the Lrt university station, then take the rapid kl bus T631 to go to mid valley. And the same back. 🙂

    CJP: thanks for your support, mrkhaled10. I’ve already updated the info in April. hope you find it useful, and recommend it to your buddies 🙂

  8. WENG

    may i know any bus can go subang permai usj 1/31 from asia jaya lrt?

    • Weng, I m not very familiar with @myrapidkl bus route info to usj. Maybe you should tweet your question to them. They are very helpful on twitter. I only provide info on their bus route to shopping malls in KV.

  9. Hi Jer Ping

    There is a FREE shuttle bus service from Kelana Jaya LRT station to Paradigm Mall.
    Departure time is at 9am (from Kelana Jaya LRT station), while the departure time from Paradigm Mall is at 9:30am.
    The last service is at 11pm from Paradigm Mall.
    Breaktime is at 1pm and 7pm.
    A visual of the schedule will be out soon.

    Best Regards
    Paradigm Mall

  10. mercy

    is there any bus that goes to mont kiara from subang jaya? pls do need your help now..tnx

    • Not sure what bus goes from subang jaya, you might consider taking ktm komuter to KL Sentral, and transfer to monorail and alight at titiwangsa stn. There is a bus U618 going to mont kiara, see above.

  11. cecilia

    Hi.. I wan to go to publika gallery.. if I take u618, how can I noe whr shud I stop? And need to walk again?

    • cecilia, you need to alight after turning into Jalan Duta Kiara (traffic light – before solaris) at Hartamas Regency condos, and walk about 100m. that’s the nearest to publika.

  12. Hi, I want to go to Solaris and I’m taking U83, where should I stop? pls help me. Thx

    • if you take U83, you need to stop at Duta Nusantara Apartment, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1. it is a little long walk. also, U83 has limited schedule (see comment #1). see the map at

      i would suggest you take U618 from Titiwangsa LRT station. U618 takes you directly to Solaris.

  13. Vinsen

    Hi, can i ask something about the shuttle bus services to paradigm mall? Is it the bus only available at 9am? How about 10am or 11am? Still available? Thanks ya!! 🙂

    • Hi Vinsen,
      Yes, it is available every hour. Pls check the link here.

      • Taka

        can somebody clarify where exactly the shuttle bus stops at KJ and Paragidm?

      • Hi Taka,

        i have not tried the shuttle bus, the info was given to me by Paradigm Mall. You can check their wall post on FB for latest updates.

    • The bus pick-up & stops right below the Kelana Jaya station (NOT the opposite, so don’t cross to the bridge). It looks like any average RapidKL bus but with the Logo/Sticker/Bus no: Paradigm Mall.

      Departure time

      From Kelana Jaya LRT Station //FROM Paradigm Mall Entrance
      9.00 am //9.30 am
      10.00 am //10.30 am
      11.00 am //11.30 am
      12.00 pm //12.30 pm
      2.00 pm //2.30 pm
      3.00 pm //3.30 pm
      4.00 pm //4.30 pm
      5.00 pm //5.30 pm
      6.00 pm //6.30 pm
      8.00 pm //8.30 pm
      9.00 pm //9.30 pm
      10.00 pm //10.30 pm
      10.45 pm //11.00 pm

      This bus is usually very punctual thus try to be there 5mins in advance (unless if heavy rain or peak hours it will be around 5-10mins later).

  14. Taka

    be careful with U618!
    first of all, the route is very infrequent. I’ve waited for up to one hour for this bus to arrive. There is a fixed schedule, but as with almost all other routes with fixed schedules, it is not followed at all.

    Second of all, for some reason, only the morning and early afternoon buses ply the route to Mont’ Kiara – the rest of the buses (late afternoon and evening) turn back to Titiwangsa once they reach Kompleks Kerajaan @ Duta. I don’t know why this is, I’ve asked RapidKL about 5 times and they always avoid my answer by simply stating “It is based on demand.” Which doesn’t make sense, how can there be demand in the morning for Mont’ Kiara and no demand in the evening? How about people that work in Mont’ Kiara, how will they get back in the evening? Pathetic. Be very cautious with this point as it is NOT stated on their website. They simply state U618 as “Titiwangsa – Mont’ Kiara” so if you board a 6pm U618 from Titiwangsa expecting the driver to take you to Mont’ Kiara, you’re in for an unpleasant surprise as he’s going to turn back to Titiwangsa at the Duta govt complex, which is a 10 minute drive from Mont Kiara.
    There’s probably some underlying reason for this, but rapidKL won’t reveal why. Probably some politics.

    Also, this bus does not run during weekends and public holidays.

    For those who want to go to Mont’ Kiara, forget using the bus. The closest you’ll reach is Desa Sri Hartamas using U7 from Bangkok Bank / Jalan Raja Laut / Jalan Ipoh / Jalan Segambut. The only feasible Jalan Kiara area to take U7 to is Plaza Mont’ Kiara, 1Mont Kiara, Shoplex Mont Kiara, Palma/Pines Mont Kiara, and maybe up to Pelangi Mont Kiara, Angkupuri/Almaspuri Mont’ Kiara, and MKIS. For these areas, you need to get off the bus next to Plaza Mont Kiara, as the bus won’t turn into Jalan Kiara. If you want to go to Jalan Kiara 3 (Garden Intl School, Vista Kiara, etc) then there’s no problem as the bus runs right on this road before going to Segambut. U7’s outbound destination is actually stated as “Segambut Dalam” and not “Desa Sri Hartamas / Mont’ Kiara” which proves the point that buses are not reliable to go to Mont Kiara – the only reason U7 terminates in Desa Sri Hartamas is because Segambut Dalam has nowhere to make a u-turn to turn back to KL. It only skirts the edge of Mont’ Kiara.
    Now, for those of you who want to go to the heart of Mont Kiara (Solaris etc) U7 is NOT an option. U618 is your only shot, but remember it only runs on weekdays in the morning/afternoon.
    So, for Mont’ Kiara, just take a cab. 😛

    One more thing – Don’t confuse Sri Hartamas with Desa Sri Hartamas – U7 terminates at Desa Sri Hartamas. For those going to Sri Hartamas, use U83. But U83 is also a very limited route, not very reliable. It runs between KL Sentral and ferries government workers to Duta govt complex; Sri Hartamas is simply where it passes thru and seldom anyone actually uses U83 to access Sri Hartamas.

    That’s all I have to say. Hope this helps.

    • Hai, if i would like to go Solaris Mont Kiara, which RapidKL I need to take? should I just take cab from Komuter Segambut?

      • I think it is best to take RapidKL bus U618 from Titiwangsa LRT interchange. Ask the bus info counter there for latest update.

      • Yee May

        From what I heard from the bus driver, U 618 only runs around 1030 am and 1230 pm from Titiwangsa to Mont Kiara, from Monday to Thursday.

        Segambut station is somewhat far from Mont Kiara. An option is to take U7 to Plaza Mont Kiara, and then take a cab from there.

    • Hi Taka,

      Wow such detailed reply. Which means overall the best mode of transport for a frequent daily travelling (Mon-Fri) from any LRT at Klang Valley would be to LRT Titiwangsa & the only bus available is U618 only; else optionally we will have to take a cab?

      How much is the average cab fare from Titiwangsa to Plaza Mont’ Kiara?

  15. tracy

    hi, thanks for your useful information here, just to make sure, i am going to publika later, so i just need to get on u83 and the bus will stop in front of publika or i need to get down in some place and walk there? thanks 😀

    • Tracy, you need to know that U83 has limited service times. Pls see earlier comment regarding U83. Thanks for your support.

  16. Taka

    no U83 will not go to Publika, it goes to kopleks kerajaan @ duta. that is about a 20minute walk from Publika.
    there are no rapidKL buses that will pass directly infront of or stop directly infront of publika. The closest one is U618 which will bring you to about a 3 minute walk distance from Publika but as i stated above, U618 has a messed up schedule so I would aovid that route completely if I were you.

    For Publika, try use the shuttle bus service provided – perhaps jerping can help you with this

    • Taka,
      From what I know, there is no shuttle bus provided for the public. Sunrise provides 2 shuttle bus services (one is from KL Sentral) to Publika, but only for residents of Sunrise properties.

      • albnok

        I used to work in Solaris Dutamas/Publika and I used to take the U83 from Desa Sri Hartamas at 8am to Solaris Dutamas. It USED to end its route at Solaris Mont Kiara/SOHO KL. It now ends at the bus stop in front of Solaris Dutamas, so people have to take a 10 minute walk from Solaris Mont Kiara to get to the bus. The last bus is at 7:30pm leaving Solaris Dutamas. I don’t know when else it runs, but it doesn’t run on weekends and public holidays.

        There is also a B115 leaving Solaris Dutamas at 6pm – this passes the government buildings and Jalan Duta High Court.

  17. Yats

    I will be travelling to KL next month. And i heard about koreatown at sri hartamas. I’m trying to find lotte mart which is located at 26g jln 25/70 A sri hartamas.
    I’m planning to travel from Kl sentral station. Can you tell me what is the cheapest transportation mode and the direction to go there

    • Take the monorail from KL Sentral to Titiwangsa interchange and board RapidKL bus U618. Pls ask bus info counter for latest update.

      • Taka

        Yats and jerping;
        the best option for Desa Sri Hartamas is U7. It will take you straight there from Bangkok Bank / Raja Laut / Chow Kit. Trust me on this, I take U7 2-3 times a week to transit.
        Coming from KL sentral, either take KJ line to Masjid Jamek and walk to Bangkok Bank (5 minute walk) or take monorail to Chow Kit and walk West towards the bus stop infront of 7-11 and Asian Express Curry something restaurant. U7’s frequency is roughly about one every 20-30 minutes.
        U7 will then drive through Segambut, skirt Mont Kiara, and terminate at Desa Sri Hartamas. From the DSH terminal its about a 5 minute walk to Lotte Mart. OR, you can get off one stop before the DSH terminal, which will probably be closer. I hope you know how to maneuver yourself around DSH as the bus won’t stop infront of Lotte Mart. But if you don’t, just walk towards the shoplots and you should find your way. Look for Pelita Nasi Kandar, lotte is on the same strip of lots.

        EIther way, don’t take U618 to MK. Bad idea, as there is only 1 bus per hour and even with a schedule like that they can never be on time.

  18. Yats

    Many thanks for the prompt reply. As this is my first time having vacation in KL, i wish to be prepared(i was always on business trip before this).thanks again for the detailed description. this is 100x better than googlemaps.your assistance is greatly appreciated.

    jeping, thanks for the information.

    • Yats, you are welcome.

      Taka, myrapidkl is not responding to my queries to your complaints about U618. Very disappointing indeed.

      • Have just gotten confirmation from @myrapidkl that U618 doesn’t go to Mont Kiara anymore. Looks like the only choice now is U7. They also said U83 is a chartered service for the government offices at Jalan Duta.

  19. Goyee

    It very helpful thank ya^^

  20. Michael

    Hi, regarding the U83 bus, is the schedule mentioned in comment #1 the same?
    i need to head to Jalan Medan Setia, Plaza Damansara. and i think U83 is my only option,
    referring your latest comment “U83 is a chartered service for the government offices”, does that mean i cant take that bus? and also any other options for me to head to Plaza Damansara, i am currently residing in Setapak, Genting Klang.


    • Michael, I am not very sure if the schedule will remain. RapidKL has a tendency to change schedule without notice.

    • Taka

      U83 is a chartered service meaning it has a very limited schedule to suit the needs of government workers @ Duta Govt Complex (meaning mostly early morning and late evening for transit purposes) and it ferries workers from there to KL Sentral, cutting through Sri Hartamas and Bukit Damansara to avoid traffic. It seldom acts as a means for transport for those staying in those areas.

      But anybody is allowed to use the bus – its open for the public. Just very inconvinient if you’re intent is to disembark/embark somewhere inbetween KL sentral and Duta Govt Complex.

      It really is the only choice though if you want to go to Plaza Damansara.

  21. mei14

    hi ,how to get the im publikan pass holder?if i dont have those pass holder i cant take the free shuttle bus to publika??

  22. Mike

    hi guys any idea if buses u7 or u618 will take me to jalan solaris 4? i need to head, basically near SOHO kl. thanks!

  23. Jenny

    I would like to go Publika by U618, did the bus Automatically stop at Hartamas Regency condos junction at jalan duta kiara traffic light? Need some updates on this route. Thanks.

  24. I would like to use publika shuttle bus from kl sentral .. can u give me the schedule of the bus operation from kl sentral-publika ?

  25. rai

    i need to go to sohokl. heard that the nearest lrt station is bangsar or asia jaya. which one do you recommend I go to and then take a cab to sohokl? which is nearer? bangsar station or asia jaya?

  26. Desmond Tam

    hey.. is sit take rapidKL U623 or rapidKL U43 to paradigm mall..
    where should i stop??

  27. Iqin

    How reach to damansa intan 1, beside tropicanna city mall ? I will work at the buildig beside tropicanna mall.. So i hope i can reach to my office before 8.30. I live at lrt universities. Any opinion on how i reach early?? By taking bus or lrt. I not very familiar. Please help me.

  28. leesya

    I want to go to medifast m sdn.bhd.desa sri hartamas,which bus must i take….

  29. elya

    i am from soho kl .. where i can take the bus to kl central .. tq for helping

  30. Elya, you can take bus U618 to Titiwangsa station, transfer to Monorail and straight to KL Sentral (need to walk a bit).

  31. Tham KY

    Is there any bus from Kotaraya/Pudu area to Paradigm Mall?

    • Tham, please take the Kelana Jaya LRT from Pasar Seni station to Kelana Jaya station. Then transfer to the appropriate buses listed above. Thanks.

  32. Ari Vanuaranu

    Hi Jerping, I’m so glad that I found your page here. It’s very useful especially for a foreigner like me who doesn’t know how to get around the city. Thank you!

  33. Hi, I have gone through all the comments and spotted this posted by albnok at January 8, 2013:

    “I used to work in Solaris Dutamas/Publika and I used to take the U83 from Desa Sri Hartamas at 8am to Solaris Dutamas. It USED to end its route at Solaris Mont Kiara/SOHO KL. It now ends at the bus stop in front of Solaris Dutamas, so people have to take a 10 minute walk from Solaris Mont Kiara to get to the bus. The last bus is at 7:30pm leaving Solaris Dutamas.”

    Is there anyone can testify this? Judging by the comments, seem like taking U816 to Publika is a bad idea, and taking U83 (even though “U83 is a chartered service for the government offices”) but it “ends at the bus stop in front of Solaris Dutamas”?

    Btw, I am residing in Kepong, and seem like the only way is to depart from KL downtown to Publika.

    • looyongxin,
      i have not verified the routes myself, as i am not a regular commuter of public bus in KL. I usually ride my bicycle around. there is the problem with our public bus routes where all buses goes radially to the city center. there are no direct routes to link different suburbs without going to the center. in your case, i think it is best if you go to the city first.

      • Nisha

        Hi thr..this d first time i gonna go to centrepoint.. can i use touch n go for rapid to centrepoint after takin lrt kelana jaya?

  34. Taka

    If you know how to reach Soho Solaris KL, Solaris Mont Kiara, No.2 Jalan Solaris, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
    using train and bus from Pasar seni pls help me out.
    Thank you

    • Taka,
      take the Ampang LRT from Masjid Jamek station to Titiwangsa station and transfer to bus U618 to Solaris Duta Kiara, the last stop before turn back to KL.

      • Taka

        I didnt check previous message. There are some info. Thank you very much.

  35. Lesley

    Hi, may i know how to go publika from ampang by public transport? Cause I have an interview on thursday afternoon. Take the lrt from ampang straight to titiwangsa lrt station and turn which bus? By cab will be too expensive? Or kl sentral is more easy to get publika there? And this is the first time I go to damansara area by public transport so quiet much trouble. Thanks for help.

  36. hi, may i know how to go Mid valley from teh bus stop opposite tropicana city mall? (nearby Tai Thong Restaurant, and NCC church), at 6am ++ ?

  37. Sarvar

    Hi, can you help me to go to Publika, Solaris Dutamas from Taman Tayton VIew, Cheras? It is my first time using the public transport

    • Sarvar, you can take the bus U40, U46, U49 to LRT Maluri, take LRT to Titiwangsa station, then transfer to bus U618, which will take you to Solaris.

  38. anamika

    how to go jalan solaris 2 mont kiara

    • unknown

      just take bus u83 from kl sentral to telekom which near solaris mall and walk to s2 solaris mk…

  39. sulin

    Thank you for the detailed information. It’s very helpful.

    How far does the U83 bus stop from Plaza Damas?

  40. sama

    Hi i read all the comments and i really appreciate the detailed info. I have to go to solaris from serdang around 7pm. which way is better for me: 1- taking ktm to Segambut and then take U7 to montkiara plaza n then take a cab from there? or 2- taking LRT to titiwangsa and get U618,considering the fact that today is friday and i need to be there in the evening. thx

  41. Kelly

    I would like to ask as now I am working in Solaris publica, where should I take bus that go to publika?

  42. Kayman oon

    Pj taman paramount to ioi mall and how back frm ioi to paramount…urgent

    • You need to take the LRT to Kelana Jaya and transfer to the rapidkl bus service to ioi mall. Please see the bus service above.

  43. W

    Hi, I live in Damansara, and I now work in kompleks kjaan jln duta, how do I get there? Is the bus service regular, and is it possible to get a schedule of when it will pass pusat bandar damansara?

  44. Mei Shin

    Hi may i know any transportation from UCSI, Cheras to Publika?

  45. Pavithra

    halo..can i know what public transport to take from pj to kelana jaya ss 6/3 …

    • Pavithra, I don’t know where is SS 6/3.

    • Hi Pavithra,

      Kelana Jaya SS6/3 is a very long stretched road.
      Depending on your landmarks, there are several buses from Kelana Jaya that do pass by part of the SS6/3 or nearby it.

      If you don’t mind walking a bit, there are more buses that pass by Kelana Jaya Giant. Ss6/3 is a few roads behind it. The frequency of the buses are irregular during non-peak hours.

      The best action would be, stop at Kelana Jaya LRT.
      Get down the station, check the signboard or ask the LRT people by giving them your landmarks (e.g. building names).

  46. wani

    hai jerping…
    may i know any transportation (especially bus) from taman segambut sppk to solaris mont kiara?SOHO KL??
    really need the information..thank you

    • Wani, sorry I can’t help you there, as I only tried to compile bus routes from nearest transit points (LRT/Komuter Stations or bus hubs). Thanks.

  47. yana abdullah

    hi. abang Jerping!, macam mana nak pergi Publika naik bus kalau takde Publika pass boleh ke?

    atau kena naik taxi?

    • Yana,
      i am not sure if they allow non-pass holder to board their bus to Publika. You can check with their official FB page and inquire. Thanks.

  48. yana abdullah

    Ok! Thank you so much!! 😀

  49. jarett

    can I know what bus should i take from puchong tesco to tropicana city mall? or anyway to get to tropicana city mall? please do reply, thank you.

    • Jarett, you can take rapidKL bus U43 from Tesco Puchong to Kelana Jaya LRT station and transfer to Tropicana City Mall shuttle bus.

    • Yes. You can take the Free Shuttle Bus provided by Tropicana City Mall from Kelana Jaya LRT Station.

      When you are at Kelana Jaya LRT station.
      1. Go up 1 level. Take the pedestrian bridge to get across.
      2. Wait at the bus stop area. (Got many people waiting down the bridge, with taxi & etc.)
      Here are the bus schedule, got picture of the bus with the Tropicana Logo on that page as well.

      Check the timing from Kelana Jaya.
      The bus usually arrive more or less within 5-10mins. around the timing. It doesn’t wait for the passengers. Once got people get in & it will wait a bit then off it goes.

      • BL

        Is the Tropicana City Mall free shuttle bus still in operations?

  50. James

    I am going to mines shopping mall from klcc and then from mines shopping mall to usj summit mall. Can you tell what is the best way to do so?

  51. Aabid

    Does anyone know the best way to get to Bukit Broga Hill from Gombak?

  52. unknown

    eh. about the mines. can direct walk from ktm though the shoplot and direct go into the tunnel which can call the bridge and you can enter to the mines. no need take bus. save your money.

  53. Stella

    Hi,im from cheras,may i knw which bus tat i cn take to Publika?I saw ur info above, is take U607 from Kelana Jaya ,is it helpful ?Tq。

  54. adel

    hi. im from kl sentral.may i know which bus can i take to go publika?im quite confuse bout it. tq

  55. cira

    It’s very helpful! Thank you…

  56. Yatt

    If i nak pegi publika memang boleh amik bus dr KJ eh? Memang confirm bus U83?

  57. Yatt

    Where can i get the pass for the publika shuttle bus??

  58. Alan

    May i know what is the bus number to take from Plaza Damansara to One Utama?

  59. Are there any busses that goes to One City, USJ 25 ?

    • Night Purple, I’ll check with RapidKL and get back to you. Thanks.

      9 June: Night Purple, as of today, there is no direct public bus going to One City according to their FB page. There isn’t any reply from @myrapidkl too. Thanks.

  60. Bern

    Hi there. How do I get to The 19 USJ City Mall from KTM Subang Jaya?

  61. wong

    hello..i still have a bit confuse about how to get to publika by public transport. as i have read the comment, i need to take LRT to titiwangsa station and from there i need to take U618 bus? and did the bus straight to publika or not?

  62. Monique

    hi, may i know how to get to viva home cheras from cheras leisure mall?

    • Monique,
      Take rapidkl buses U40, U46, U49 or U410 to Maluri LRT station. You can walk from there, about 15 minutes’ walk or take the LRT to Miharja station where you can take the pedestrian bridge to Viva Home.

  63. can I noe if I wan go here>>13-3 & 15-3, 3rd Floor Block C, Jalan Solaris 2, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    use wangsa maju lrt can reach??

  64. Emily

    Hi jerping,do you know what transport can bring me back to sentul from publiKA??(⊙o⊙)

  65. Jean

    How to go to Tesco Puchong via public transportation? What is the nearest stop of LRT / KTM station to Tesco Puchong?

  66. fatehah

    Help! Help!!!
    I’m gonna start working at somewhere at kelana square. What bus should i take from lrt klana jaya? Same as one to paradigm? I don’t mind to walk some but i’m afraid if it’s too far. Thanks a lot

  67. Alex wee

    Dear Jer Ping,

    The Ikano Free Shuttle bus Schadule change…

  68. MK

    I am trying to figure out the time schedule of u83. I know it passes through pusat bandar damansara on the way back from kompleks Karajaan jalan duta. Would u happen to know the times it departs from kl sentral and also the times it departs from kompleks Kerajaan?

  69. Melissa

    Hi, would like to know the routes to Empire Damansara. Please help. Thanks 🙂

    • Melissa, please take U89 from 1U or Kelana Jaya LRT Station and alight at the intersection of LDP-Sg Penchala.

  70. Neoh Kean Bin

    what buses should i take to go to Ikea from Sunway Pyramid shopping centre.

  71. Jong

    Thank you very much. It’s very useful

  72. John

    How to get to Publika from KL Sentral or from Bangsar Lrt station?

  73. nellieteo

    hi, could you kindly advice me on the best way to get to giant bandar puteri from mid valley megamall? thx!

  74. Phoebe

    How about ioi city mall putrajaya

  75. Jm

    Hi, I would like to know from KL Sentral going to The Main Place in USJ 21 Subang Jaya – how to go by public transport like bus and train? Thanks.

  76. elle

    Hello there,
    Do you know if the U83 still goes to Publika?Where would I need to get off?

    Thanks for your help.

  77. asya

    Hi, how to go times square from the curve by public transport?

  78. James

    can i go SohoKL by bus or T607? tq.

  79. rina

    hello.Jerping..Can you guide me how to go to center point bandar utama.
    and what time is the first and last bus..

  80. hongtay

    Thank you….this information very useful for me. But can I know how to go publika mall by bus?

  81. Joanna

    how can i go to titiwangsa from setiawalk puchong?

  82. john

    hello~ i wan go to ioi mall from kelana jaya, but only 1 way which use u43 reach ioi mall?? still got any others way???

  83. saidah

    Hi, how to go to the address below from Universiti LRT Station
    Orin’s Advetising Sdn. Bhd.
    1.02 1st floor, Bangunan Lim,
    4 1/2 miles, Jalan Ipoh, KL.

  84. cws

    May I know which bus I need to take in order to go to Desa Sri Hartamas from kl sentral?

  85. jesslyhooi

    u can take lrt to kl sentral then take U60,U69,U70 to ioi mall

  86. jesslyhooi

    hihi,i would like to ask from ioi mall,how to go ss2 @ kelana jaya Lrt?

  87. Grace

    Hi, thanks for your info. Please help to guide me which bus I should take from Desa Sri Hartamas to 1 Utama. I work in Desa Sri Hartamas and cant drive yet :-(. Hope to have your guidance. Thank you.

  88. Krystal Ng Lu Shin

    Is by taking rapid KL bus U43 from Kelana Jaya lrt station, I can reach IOI puchong mall? How about for the way from IOI puchong mall back to Kelana Jaya lrt station?

  89. lindy

    hi,can you tell me from kelana jaya station/ pasar seni station is it can take bus to puchong IOI Mall? urgent, thank you

  90. aien

    Hi, I would like to know from KTM Subang going to The Main Place in USJ 21 Subang Jaya – how to go by public transport like bus and train? Thanks

  91. ai jia

    May I know U618 is available or not? Thank you (:

  92. Syuhada

    May i know how to get a public transport to Citta Mall?

  93. Jane Lim

    Hi Jerping, Thanks for sharing really helpful info, clear and precise too.

  94. Suenor

    Ha…i want to know is there any bus go to Plaza Damansara. Please assist. Tq

  95. hai im rajes here.. How to go from kl sentral to Soho Kl (Publika) by public transport..pls help me.thanks

  96. Hastia

    Saya drpd pasar pudu, klau nak gi Klang kne naik bus nombor brp yer?

  97. maryam

    Hi. I want to go to komplexs sukan setiawangsa.should i take lrt from taman melati to lrt wangsa maju?? From lrt wangsa maju,what is the number of rapid kl /bus should i take to komplexs sukan msn setiawangsa.

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