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High Tea buffet @Shangri-la KL

The company had the “annual dinner” @Shangri-la Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Instead of real dinner, it was just high tea buffet. It was @Lemon Garden Cafe. Also received a nice red packet from the Boss 🙂


GPS Location: N3.147897 E101.710734

Water fountain outside the cafe

Outside the cafe, looking in

a clown talking to the staff

decor at the cafe

nice wall art

“Superman” Cappucino

my plate of desserts (clockwise from top: mango pudding, lemon and mint cake, blackforest cake and creme brulee)

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Improve Customers Relations

Overheard in BFM89.9 again.

Getting new customers is the easy part, maintaining them is harder job.

With that statement, it is imperative we must ensure that the customer relationship with the company is maintained beyond delivery of newspapers and collections of payment.

We should make a schedule to call each and every customers on a weekly or monthly basis. During this call, we should inquire about their satisfaction on a few issue, such as delivery time, driver attitude, collector’s attitude, latest market information, etc. It should be done by the office staff and forms must be filled in as a way to keep records.

Any outstanding feedback should be flagged immediately and to be disseminated to related personnel to be pursued with the customers. Weekly report shall be made to the boss for his review and feedback.

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How To Improve Branding of J&J News Agent

I heard on the radio BFM89.9 that one way to improve name branding is
to enable widespread availability of name and images.

So i was thinking that maybe we could've have provide free mini
invoicing booklets for the house vendors bearing the name of J&J News
Agent on every page. That way, all the house subscribers will get to
know the supplier name of newspapers vendors. That way, the company is
exposed to the end users. they can make calls to the supplier to
inquire, make complaints and give suggestions. They may also want to
contact us for any advertisements.

I am not sure what is the cost structure of such endeavors, but i
believe it might be good to do an in depth study of it.

BTW, we will provide a few booklets (say 3 booklets of 100 pieces each)
to each house vendors, and they can exchange for new booklets when they
run out of the pages. That way, we can also collect subscribers'
database this way. Of course, these booklets are only for the existing
customers of J&J News Agent, and cooperations from house vendors are
required to make it a successful project.

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