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8/6/13: Kluang-Batu Pahat

I made my bicycle touring debut on 8 June 2013. I took a bus from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) at Bandar Tasik Selatan (BTS). I always wanted to do a bicycle touring, and the reason why I adopted Opie.


After packing my “stuffs” in two Ortlieb front roller plus (which my friend told I “over-packed”), I took the LRT to BTS. I hadn’t bought the ticket yet, as I was quite certain that I would get the tickets that time. As it turned out, only 10 person boarded the S&S bus to Kluang at 8.30am.

I reached Kluang bus terminal at about 11am. As I found out from the bus driver that the KTM train station was not that far, I took my time to unpack my folding bike. My friend from Singapore was already at the train station by that time. He took the train from Woodlands to Kluang. I met him there at the famous Kluang RailCoffee.



After having our breakfast of toasts, nasi lemak and coffee, we rolled out to Batu Pahat. It was a very straight forward route. One long straight road all the way to Batu Pahat – 54-km of pedalling.

Fullscreen capture 3062013 110737 AM

The route from Kluang to Ayer Hitam was quite nerve-wrecking. The road shoulder to cycle on was quite narrow, and I encountered quite a lot of roadkills, including dog, cat, bird and monitor lizard. It was definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Once you have passed Ayer Hitam (quite traffic jammed in this town), the road has good wide road shoulder for bicycle and kapcai. It was definitely easier to ride from Ayer Hitam to Batu Pahat. There aren’t many shades along the road, and the sun was out in full force. I was totally knackered by the time I reached Tun Hussein Onn University. My friend had already reached the outskirt of Batu Pahat by that time, and I was still 15 km away.

We started our journey at 12 noon and I reached Landmark Hotel in Batu Pahat at about 4.30pm.


After checking in and showered, my friend and I met up with Azizan CycleFriday. He drove us to Pantai Minyak Beku. We had our late lunch there and took in the scenic beach (I know, I live in KL and I seldom see the sea)


The next day would be the gruelling ride to Tg Piai (or so it seemed).

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9/3: Exploring Ampang Tasik Permai, Ampang Waterfront & Pekan Ampang

These days, I feel like doing some solo exploration on my bicycle around my neighbourhood. So today, I went out to check routes around Ampang Tasik Permai, Ampang Waterfront and Pekan Ampang.

I took some pictures of some notable landmarks, though I got lost at Ampang Saujana.


an Indian temple within Ampang Tasik Permai


Many roads on the right leads up very steeply to the hills (Ampang Tasik Permai)


I got lost at Ampang Saujana (notice Ampang Look Out Point on the hill behind the flat)


Friendly residents at Ampang Saujana (I saw 5 of them)

Rode back towards Jalan Bukit Belacan via Jalan Lembah Jaya. I cut across to Ampang Waterfront, where there is a river (Sg Purun, i think, but Google Maps says it is Sg Kelang) along the Jalan Ampang.

Here I found a cycle path along the river behind the Ampang Waterfront buildings for a length of 1.7km.

Waterfront Bike Path

the 1.7km long bike path is divided into 2 stretches by Jalan Kosas Utama


this was taken behind Station Satay building


abandoned bike paths without any proper maintenance


fallen mini bamboo tree and soil depression behind the tree


overhead bridge linking to a forested area (funny?)


short stretch of missing blocks of bricks


this one takes the cake, a block of cement to prevent bicycles to go through (apology for poorly focused shot on my camera phone)


covered bike paths next to underground parking (nice)


end of the bicycle path with raised cement block at Jalan Kosas 2


After the bike paths, I had to stop for refreshment. the small glass of coconut water (RM1.50) at Pekan Ampang.


101-year-old On Pong school (since 1912) at Pekan Ampang


After my refreshment, a stopover at Nine Emperors God Temple


my first visit inside this temple. interior details are amazing. must visit!

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Special Delivery For Chinese New Year


A box of oranges in my messenger bag


Another box of oranges strapped to the rear rack of Opie

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6/1: Hulu Langat Batu 18 – Genting Peres


Heavy fog in the morning. Road leading to Semenyih dam closed due to landslide


Nice quiet road to cycle


At the top 440m, Selangor-Negeri Sembilan state line


At the junction to regroup

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25/12: Cheras-Seremban

(Testing: Translation by Google into Chinese Simplified)

Today, I finally did the ride that I had been talking about for a month. I wanted to test my endurance and stamina on such a ride. 60km is still my best ever. Do I have to aim for the century mark to enjoy touring by bicycle? I don’t know.

After a full breakfast at home, I went out at 7.39am. I was hoping to complete it in 3 hours, which I almost did. Never start a long ride without a full stomach. Also do your business before leaving.

E7 (Cheras-Kajang highway) is quite empty during the public holidays or Sunday. Interstate #1 has more vehicles from Kajang all the way to Semenyih. After Semenyih, the vehicle count thinned out until I reached Seremban.

A word of caution, there is an uphill slope from Mantin towards Lekas highway for 2+ km. Need to crunch the low gears. Or you can take a detour to Bangi and Labu to Seremban, but it is longer.

I found out the hard way that when I ride over 40km, my left knee will turn to Jelly. However, it will be alright the following day. I have to google how to exercise my knees.

On another note, I am proud to say that I have cycled 60km just to try a Seremban beef noodle. The noodle is unique and delicious in its own way, but I don’t think people in KL will like it. I like the gravy, sesame seeds and ground nuts. It is not cheap though. One bowl comes up to RM9 (with balls and soup).

Initially, I thought Seremban is a very boring town to visit, but I find that it has its own unique buildings. Colonial schools, churches, temples, Minangkabau roofs of state government buildings, the pre-independence rows of shops, Little India, etc.

What I didn’t see is the Seremban siew pau, or maybe I wasn’t looking intently.


Throughout the 60km ride, only came across 1 signpost of bicycle


After Branang, I am crossing the state line


after the ardous climb from Mantin to LEKAS highway, I am entering Seremban


The famous Pasar Besar Seremban


Have to taste the famous Beef noodle of Seremban


Opie in Seremban, yeah!


a very impressive church in Seremban


Opposite the church is a Hindu temple


Opie is all dressed up for ride on KTM Komuter


At Seremban KTM station


Certificate of completion: 2-tone skin

Today’s ride:


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